Sunday, July 13, 2014

Recently Unearthed: Grav3yardgirl

I have a Roku. I might have told you about it before, maybe not. Anyway, I had one of the kind of "original" Rokus, but it got stolen at Thanksgiving (see past posts for that fun story), so I bought a new one. The newer generation is kind of not my favorite thing in the world. It interferes with my laptop wifi and seems a little glitchy, but it's mine so I deal with it.

When I first got started with Roku I had hoped to use it for YouTube, but later found out that YouTube didn't really work with Roku; however, they've recently added a YouTube channel that I have been getting a lot of enjoyment out of. I don't check for "new" channels often and don't really keep up on Roku news, so maybe this has been available longer than I realize, but it's a recent addition for me.

The YouTube channel isn't dreamy, but it's tolerable. It works better if you go ahead and register/sync your device to your YouTube account. It works even better (most of the time) if you browse YouTube on your smartphone, then link to your Roku to play the video on your TV. (It's easier to search using smartphone than the Roku/YouTube search where you hunt & peck the alphabet.)

So, somehow in between my recent rekindled love of Morten Harket (formerly of a-ha) and the obsessive video watching that ensued, I happened upon Grav3yardgirl. You see, if you watch a video on the YouTube channel on Roku, when one video ends, it will start another after a few seconds and somehow it decided to play one of her "Does this thing really work?" videos.

I'm ever-so-skeptical of As Seen on TV products, so I let the video play. My first reaction to Bunny was that she was a little crazy. Then, before judgement set in, I realized that I TOO am a little crazy so maybe that isn't such a bad thing.

Long story still reasonably long, it's been a couple of weeks now and I'm thoroughly and completely 100% addicted to her YouTube channel. This weekend, I taught my mom (& attempted to teach the cat) the art of "Sippy Sippy". I must warn you, this art needs some practice as, even for Bunny, I've noticed that sometimes Sippy Sippy turns into Chokey Coughy.

Being a rather portly dinosaur, I'm not that much into fashion. My arms are too short to apply makeup, so I'm not into that either (a-la T-Rex trying); however, I even really like watching her videos about makeup and clothes and the death-machine shoes she likes to wear. 

It might not be your "thang" but I'd recommend you take a look at her channel and see if you like it. It's hard to pick a video to share, so I'll just post the last one I watched.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Recently Extinct: UUVVWWZ

I said I wasn't going to do anymore Recently Extinct blogs until I came across UUVVWWZ. I lied.

You see, when I'm working, I have my iPod on most of the time. If I find a song I don't like, I mark it 1 star, so later when I sync my iPod, I'll know to remove that song from my device. (If you have a better way of doing this... I'd be happy to hear your method!) If I like a song, I'll mark it a higher star rating and if I'm indifferent it gets no stars.

While I'm doing this, if something catches my attention enough, I'll write it down on a little list I keep so I can go back and listen to more later. These lists are what I keep with me to remember what to tell you about when I actually get around to blogging.

When I first started this blog, I was going to do some reviews of music I didn't like, but I stopped doing that because I don't want to be one of those people. You know the ones... they join Yelp just to do a horrible review for one business after one experience or even worse because they've heard something bad and haven't even gone there themselves.

I don't like when people say "Oh, I hate _____." and haven't even tried it...or even if they have tried it and still hate it, that doesn't mean other people have to hate it.

I hate miso soup, but there are bazillions of people out there that eat it. I don't understand it. I can't stand it. I don't even want to think about it.

Well, UUVVWWZ is my new miso soup. They are to music what Amy Schumer is to I've gone too far. No one is as bad as she is.

Anyway, when UUVVWWZ came up on my ipod, it impacted me so that I wrote it on my list of things to tell you about and next to it I wrote BAD BAD BAD.

You be your own judge. Remember that I tried to warn you.

UUVVWWZ and Amy Schumer on eBay

Dinomite Track: Anni Rossi - Land Majestic

I don't listen to a lot of Anni Rossi's music... well I haven't yet... I'm not saying I won't. I have her Daytrotter sessions and really love Land Majestic.

I'm not sure how "official" or "unofficial" this video is, but it's all I've got:

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Recently Unearthed: Tim Fite

Whoot! Hello! Hey! What's up!
You thought I'd dropped off the face of the earth, eh?
Sometimes it's just hard to sit down and write. It's like everything I need to get done involves a computer and sometimes I just get a little tired of using the computer.

I'm still working on trying to sell off some of my dad's stuff on eBay. It'll take years, but trying to get the clunky stuff out of the way at least.

Work seems busy all of the time.

Winter was ROUGH!

I have to spend a lot of my time at my Mom's now.

There are lots of reasons. Not one of them is that I don't love you.

So, the other day, I was sitting around listening to my iPod at work and this really cool song came on called Joyriding. It just INSTANTLY got my attention. Turns out it was Tim Fite. I had a few of his downloads from Paste and Daytrotter. Now, I'm obsessed and have like 50 of his songs.

So, go listen to Joyriding. I couldn't find a great video for it.

Instead, I chose this video. Maybe it's not my favorite song, but it's still good and... Who doesn't love animated cat buttholes, right?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Recently Unearthed: Generationals

I own a lot of tracks from Generationals. They've come from different sources, like Paste, Daytrotter, perhaps even considering the number of tracks I have. They're from New Orleans, which already puts them in line to be something I like, since there are a lot of things I find myself liking in New Orleans.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

DinoScore: The Rifles

I've been listening to The Rifles for a couple of years, after downloading a sampler from their label. One thing I like about this band is that not every song sounds the same. Sure, they still sound like themselves, but some bands/musicians get in a rut and every song is so similar sometimes.

The Rifles have a sloppy, fun sound that makes you think you're just sitting around in your buddy's basement listening to his band have a little jam session. Now, don't let that make you think that the music is poor quality; that's a complement, really.

They have a new album coming out very soon "None the Wiser". I'll be checking it out. You probably should too.

Click Here

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Recently Unearthed: Mandolin Orange

If you asked me to write a history book about music, the chapter about hipsters and country music would probably start with Johnny Cash. I grew up on country music, so at first I thought it was cute when Johnny Cash got the attention of hipsters, but I'm really, so sick of hearing his version of Personal Jesus, I really start to vomit every time I hear it. I really didn't like that song to start with and listening to him drag it out just makes it worse.

Anyway, today's topic isn't Johnny Cash. Personally, I don't have a problem with hipsters or Johnny Cash, was just trying to show the evolution of country music into a modern time that doesn't include Trace Adkins or some of the Jersey Shoresque country music that is out there today.

I've listened to my share of country music in the past. Remember how old I am. I was country when country wasn't cool, then stopped being country, then went back to country in the mid 90s. I've seen Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, and several other well known country acts live. I'm still planning to go see Kenny Rogers live before he's not live anymore. You might recall David Allan Coe's song "You Never Even Called me by my Name" that gives the recipe for a country song:

Well, I was drunk the day my momma got out of prison,
And I went to pick her up in the rain.
But before I could get to the station in the pick-up truck,
She got runned over by a damned old train.

The kind of country music I like now is not about beer or cheatin', but its more of a sound, I like acoustic sounds: mandolins, banjos... dammit I even like a steel guitar when you do it right. So, on days like today, a band like Mandolin Orange hits the spot. I first found them on Daytrotter. Anyway, long story short...I like them, you might too.